Instantly Onboard Users

Onboard users faster at higher accuracy levels using our NFC verification and AI recognition tools. We provide real data from the right people, every time!

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Seamlessly onboard your end users in less than 30 seconds!

Verify ID Document

Verifies ID Document parameters, turns visible data to text and images, and provides a copy of document.

Extract Authentic Data

Use NFC feature to checks if ID document is authentic and has been issued by the right authority. Extracts error-free data exactly as input by identity issuers.

Check User Biometrics

Performs a video selfie to Check if it is a real person using the ID document live, not an image or screen. Latest anti-spoofing techniques used with our machine learning algorithms.

Match & Onboard

An image is taken during the liveness check and matched against the image extracted from the NFC tap. The facial matching algorithms developed are more accurate than the human eye.

Real data from the right people, every time!

Risk-free Pricing

Pay per successful verifications only!

Getting Started?


$ 1.0 /
per verification
  • minimum 100 verification
  • AML & PEP checks
  • Valid for 1 year
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Skin in the game!


$ 0.85 /
per verification
  • 5000 verification batches
  • AML & PEP checks
  • Valid for 1 year
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Fixed Price
  • Fixed monthly price
  • Unlimited verifications
  • AML & PEP checks
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Do you require facial biometric recognition independently? Or perhaps a customized combination from the above? We’ve got the tech! Get in touch and we will sort you out.

Just a few lines of code to get you started!

Integrate the Nashid.Verify tool onto your solution with a few lines of code for a frictionless and quick


Dashboard access to view and manage verifications.


Documentation for the use of all features of Nashid.Verify


Continuous technical support from the Nashid team.


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